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Scott Bright
Scott Bright is a second-year ACC student, a Psychology major (with an emphasis on Human Sexuality), as well as the former Editor-in-Chief for The Arapahoe Pinnacle. Still contributing as the Pinnacle's advice columnist, he lives, breathes, and will not shut up about coffee, books, or sex. He is a holder of uncomfortable conversations about uncomfortable topics. He aims to start healthy, frank, and open conversations about human sexuality and sex. Have an awkward question with no one to ask but Google? Need a space of no judgment or ridicule to ask a personal question about sex? Or love? Or relationships,
or school, or life in general? Ask Scott! He will always provide a well-researched answer, or lacking that, will provide many a source that could help answer any sort of awkwardness in life. He likes his coffee how he likes his books: well-crafted, powerful,
and large enough to drown in.

Send any and all questions about life, love, and everything in between, to [email protected] or submit below!

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Scott Bright , Advice Columnist

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