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Marrissa Cloutier, aka PokePrincxss, showing off a small part of her massive Pokemon collection at her home in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Sept. 1, 2019.

Pokeprincxss, Colorado E-Girl

October 23, 2019

The rise and dominance of social media shook loose the stranglehold that old-media gatekeepers had on our entertainment culture. Consumers were no longer...

Online Dating in the 21st Century

Online Dating in the 21st Century

October 29, 2017

Mon Amour, Welcome to the 21st century where everything has moved to digital, including love. Online dating has changed society, but for better or for...

Ask Scott: An Ex Wants To Apologize

Scott Bright, Editor-in-Chief

October 26, 2017

Hey Scott, Recently a very close friend had informed me that an ex-girlfriend of mine from a few years ago had contacted him.  He told me that she wanted to apologize to me.  I have her blocked on all of my social media so she couldn’t just spring back into my life unexpectedly.   As much as I loved her when we were together, and as much as I love her now, the fac...

Ask Scott: Size Matters, Right?

Ask Scott: Size Matters, Right?

October 5, 2017

Dear Scott, I'm insecure about my penis size...   I won't go into technical details, but let's just say I'm smaller than average.    When I hav...

Ask Scott: Religion and Relationships

Scott Bright, Advice Columnist; Editor-in-Chief

February 24, 2017

I'm religious and pretty involved in my church (not crazy involved like it runs my life), and my boyfriend refuses to believe in what I do.

Ask Scott: When Do I Know I Have Consent?

Scott Bright, Advice Columnist; Editor-in-Chief

February 23, 2017

Dear Scott, I consider myself a relatively intelligent guy.  I was wondering if you could help clear up a little disagreement I'm having.  I've talked with friends and girlfriends alike and we seem to not see eye to eye on consent.  We just do not seem to agree on what terms consent is reached.  What about when both people are drunk?  Are they consenting to each other...

Write down your name, where you're from, and something you enjoy doing.

Valentine’s Friend International Speed Dating

February 17, 2017

First dates rarely intimidate me -- it’s the fun and easy part of a relationship. Personal flaws are toned down, attractions are running high, and the first couple of meetups tend to be creative and exciting.

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Forget-me-not: Pinnacle Staff Looks Back on Their Most Memorable Dates

February 17, 2017

Man, we have some strange dating histories.

The Newlywed Game Meets ACC

The Newlywed Game Meets ACC

February 16, 2017

Do you like game shows? How about the Newlywed Game? If you said yes, then you would've loved ACC's Affection Connection, which was hosted on Valentine'...