Meet Your Soulmate Via. . . Hate?

Freshly-launched dating app matches users through mutual distaste.


Not a fan of Twitter, the 2016 election, or worst of all, slow walkers? Think people who tip under 15% are trashy?  Abhor loud movie talkers? Bothered by the trifles of Valentine’s Day?  Fear not!  This hateful new app has you covered.

Hater, which publicly launched on Wednesday, February 8th, is built entirely around matching people based on mutual distaste.

Much like Tindr or SCRUFF, you can swipe multiple directions on things you love, hate, dislike, or like respectively.  Finding somebody with the same level of saltiness towards the same things has never been easier.

App creator Brendan Alper told the Huffington Post that Hater originated from a sketch idea after he decided to forsake his previous career in finance for a much more humorous one in comedy.  Following some research of his own, Alper decided making the app a reality could actually work.

“Online dating has become so monotonous,” he said to HuffPost. “Everyone just goes through the motions. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Match. Canned line. Bad date. Repeat. We want online dating to be fun again. Just like in real life.”

The app has seen mostly positive feedback. It’s not surprising considering research has found that people tend to bond a bit more over topics they dislike together.

Alper also tells HuffPost that slow walkers, the 2016 election, and drain clogging hair are the most commonly hated things shared between men and women on the app.

Since the app was released about a week prior to Valentine’s Day, there’s still time to find someone who detests red roses or despises romantic walks on the beach the same way you do.

In a world where hatred seems to be on the rise, it seems appropriate that we have started using shared hatred to find love.