The Arapahoe Pinnacle

2018-2019 Staff

Kera Morris

Editor In Chief, Opinion Editor

Kera is a touch neurotic and thinks all of you are fascinating from a distance. She's spent a lot of time studying psychology and the sciences. Writing, however, has decided it's tired of being relegated to the dark recesses of...

Dylan Boxer

Entertainment and Culture Editor

A veteran to the Arapahoe Pinnacle, editor Dylan Boxer is known for his quick wit and lightheartedness within the publication. When his not writing you can usually find him outside on his long-board or inside working on his next...

Jason Truitt

Sports and Social Media Editor

Jason Truitt is a second-year college student at ACC pursuing a major in journalism. He enjoys writing about sports and the culinary world as he was a chef in training for over a year at a fine dining restaurant in Vail, Colo....

Kalyca McGuire


Kalyca is a first generation college student studying journalism at ACC. She plans on transferring to a four-year university to get her bachelor's degree. She loves music and all things music related. In her free time you'll probably...

Max Prodis


You want to talk about cars?! Oh, you don't walk to talk about cars. Let's talk about cars anyway.

Cam Yarumian


Cameron is a California-born photographer based in Colorado. She moved to Colorado in the summer of 2016 and hopes to continue her passion for Photography where ever she travels to. She has slowly risen from taking senior photos...

Jaymes Grundmann


Jaymes Grundmann is a second year ACC student who’s new to the Arapahoe Pinnacle. He’s a musician who’s been featured on 11 albums and his current band Short Fuse 59 has a new EP coming out this spring. He’s also deeply...

Mars Tweed


Mars is in his first year here at ACC and has spent the last three years studying at Western Colorado University.  In high school Mars became a professional sports photographer, covering everything from football and basketball...

Sarah Sanchez


New to the Arapahoe Pinnacle, Sarah Sanchez has a goal of becoming a filmmaker. Learning all there is needed to know about film. She is an anime and film enthusiast, who has a passion for finding a good story. Cosplaying and me...

Sofia Hellemar


Sofia is an Au Pair from Sweden who takes care of two children. She will be staying in Denver for a year, but while she's here she is taking a New Media class at ACC. Sofia is passionate about make up and the beauty industry and...

Serena Montoya

Managing Editor fall 2018

Serena Montoya is a second-year Arapahoe Community College student, majoring in journalism. She will be wrapping up her studies at ACC this fall and transferring to MSU Denver come spring to complete a bachelor's degree. In her...