The Arapahoe Pinnacle

2017-2018 Staff

Max Prodis


Max is weird. No matter how normal the situation, he will find a way to make it awkward. One can often find Max talking to a confused stranger about the small details of a car's poor soul. Max is a business major, but loves writing...

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Jason Truitt


Jason Truitt is a first-year college student at ACC pursuing a major in journalism. He enjoys writing about sports and the culinary world as he was a chef in training for over a year at a fine dining restaurant in Vail, Colo....

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Dylan Boxer


New to The Arapahoe Pinnacle, Dylan Boxer is eager to make his mark. A first-year student and a guru of all things nerdy makes Dylan an interesting addition to the staff. When he's not assembling his next cosplay, he tends...

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Kera Morris


Kera is a touch neurotic and thinks all of you are fascinating from a distance. She's spent a lot of time studying psychology and the sciences. Writing, however, has decided it's tired of being relegated to the dark recesses of...

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Ashley Peoples


Ashley Peoples is a second-year student at ACC. Although not a Colorado native, she got here as fast as she could! Colorado couldn’t be a more perfect fit for her sense of adventure and avid interests in rock climbing and hiking. After...

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Liam Toomey


Though it’s my first year at ACC, it’s my fourth year in college. I started at Xavier University in their engineering program. I have enjoyed politics since I was a kid and stayed up to watch the Colbert Report. I was involved...

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Madison Stone


Madison Stone is a first-year Arapahoe Community College student. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted in May 2001. In her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar, soccer, and being creative. She aspires to be...

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Lauran Hamm


Pursuing what she calls a rounded interest general degree, Lauran’s passion for literature, nature, and travel are life-long. Her travels have kept her in the continental United States up to this point, but there are many world...

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Rachel Lorenz


With a thirst for knowledge that just can’t be satiated, Rachel Lorenz is pursuing journalism as a first-year student at ACC. The field allows her to explore a variety of interests and continue to be a life-long learner. Rachel...

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Eric Gonzalez

Culture Reporter

Eric Gonzalez is a second year ACC student. He was born in Miami, Florida on August 27th, 1997. He moved to Castle Rock, Colorado in 2003. He graduated from Douglas County High in 2016 and is planning on transferring to CU Boulder...

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Serena Montoya


Serena Montoya is a first-year Arapahoe Community College student, a journalism major and the new president of Journalism Club, which meets Tuesdays at 1:00 in M1030 (come join us!). In her free time she enjoys: reading, writing,...

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Alejandro Botello

Sports Reporter

Alejandro Botello is a proud native of the mile-high city, Denver Colorado. He was born April 27th, 1997 and over the years has become very passionate about two things, writing and sports. Alejandro is an excited and eager firs...

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Emily Langenberg

Managing Editor

Emily Langenberg, managing editor and first-class badass. As a second-year Journalism student at Arapahoe Community College, Emily is on a mission to crush the term “fake news.” When she is not writing for the Pinnacle, Emily en...

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Vicki Johnson

Political Reporter

Vicki is a Denver native and has always lived in Colorado. She has returned to Arapahoe Community College (ACC) again to obtain a degree in Journalism. In 2007, she received her A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies at ACC. Vicki enjoyed...

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Bryden Smith


Bryden Smith believes in the news.  But at the dawn of the age of information, he watched as technology became ingrained into peoples’ lives at an exponential rate.  The media is struggling to evolve, and with a divided political...

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Scott Bright

Advice Columnist

Scott Bright is a second-year ACC student, a Psychology major (with an emphasis on Human Sexuality), as well as the former Editor-in-Chief for The Arapahoe Pinnacle. Still contributing as the Pinnacle's advice columnist, he lives...

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Nico Danks

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Nico Danks is a second-year student at ACC and a transplant from the East Coast. Having lived in the Denver area for three years, she loves that Colorado provides ample resources of entertainment that can suit her ADHD lifestyle....

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Rashid Mohamed

Managing Editor

Born and raised in Vienna, my roots are in East Africa and I call the world my home. My insatiable interest in history and geography led me to pursue a political science degree at Ohio University. Shortly after graduatin...

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Jamey Trotter

Faculty Adviser

Journalism = Democracy

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