Why Revlon’s Latest Brand Ambassador is so Important

Gigi Gorgeous, an openly transgender Youtube and Instagram star, has teamed up with Revlon as their latest beauty ambassador.

Gorgeous, with 2.2 million Instagram followers and nearly 2.5 million Youtube subscribers, wasn’t alone as the beauty company brought on Kandee Johnson (1.5 million Instagram followers), Sabrina Carpenter (10.7 million Instagram followers) and Etienne Ortega (460,000 Instagram followers) in an effort to broaden the scope of the company’s social appeal.

And this is important — for two big reasons.

One, Gorgeous is Revlon’s first openly trans beauty ambassador.  This is a major step towards trans inclusiveness within American society and pop culture, granting visibility and voice within the mainstream to a largely invisible and ignored population.

Two, it marks the beginning of a trend — along with Revlon, several other beauty brands have started to realize that other types of beautiful humans exist.  Caitlyn Jenner announced in January that she was partnering with M.A.C. to create a new makeup line after the success of her one-shot lipstick line, Finally Free; Maybelline recruited male beauty vlogger MannyMUA as part of their marketing campaign; L’Oreal paired with transgender model Hari Nef to promote their line; Covergirl even decided to break its namesake’s targeted gendering and hired male makeup vlogger James Charles.

Part of the reason beauty companies are pulling in what are essentially influencers –people with large followings that can “influence” their followers to buy or support a product– is that each ‘influencer’ brings with them an individual and unique audience.  Gorgeous appeals to an audience of beauty enthusiasts, makeup artists, and the Trans community.

Gorgeous’ feature length documentary, This Is Everything, which follows the Youtube star’s journey from Gregory to Gigi, also landed late last week.  Appropriately released on Youtube Red (Youtube’s premier streaming service), the documentary has been making waves –both inside and outside of Gorgeous’ audience– opening a valuable dialogue all along the social spectrum.

And Revlon definitely wanted in on some of these conversations.  Tracy Rohrbaugh, vice president of marketing for Revlon, said to WWD, “We see a big opportunity to be part of the conversations that are happening naturally and organically in the social sphere.”

For the Youtube makeup maven, joining the beauty company was as personal as it was social, telling the publication that Revlon has “always been a staple at the drugstore, and when I started buying makeup, I always went to Revlon because I knew they had my back when it came to beauty.”

Whether it’s to set the stage to be a part of social conversation or to market makeup, one thing is clear: including trans and atypical definitions of beauty within your marketing platform for beauty products is a surefire way to appeal to those who feel largely ignored by one of the largest industries on earth.

How do you feel about Revlon\'s decision to hire Gigi Gorgeous as their new beauty embassador?


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