PornHub Aims to Educate

Major adult entertainment site rolls out new sexual education sub-site.


Where did you learn about sex?

Or perhaps a better questions is, how did you receive your sexual education?  For most, it’s either from befuddled parents blustering their way through broken explanations or lackluster classes during 5th grade, usually held after school, where teachers give rigid, simplistic explanations on condoms and menstrual cycles.  For another portion of the population, they received the majority (or worse yet, all) of their sexual education from porn.  In any case, sexual education for most North Americans is lacking.

Realistically, sexual experiences hardly ever happen as depicted in porn.

As one of the top online adult entertainment destinations, PornHub saw an opportunity to address our general lack of sexual knowledge.  Dubbed the Sexual Wellness Center, the free “sub-site” aims to become a one-stop-shop of sorts when it comes to sexual education, with topics ranging from STI’s, sexual anatomy, and recognizing consent (or lack thereof).

PornHub paired with renowned sexual therapist, Dr. Laurie Betito, to direct the site.  Both PornHub and Betito are planning to include a litany of experts, ranging from doctors to therapists, to answer questions and give advice.  Betito will also be running her own Q&A section where visitors are encouraged to ask any question they can think of about sex.

The site itself is SFW (safe for work) and does not link you to the NSFW (not safe for work) adult site.

And while the content itself isn’t deliberately pushed towards a certain demographic, the site could very well be a strong resource for the number of young adults and teenagers who undoubtedly peruse PornHub’s adult videos.

Though the site may come as a shock to some, it seemed almost inevitable.  There are plenty of assorted sexual health resources online, but PornHub alone attracts 70 million viewers daily, which gives PornHub a tremendous audience to promote content to.  As Pornhub’s Vice President, Corey Price, told Mashable, “Our goal is to provide our visitors with a site that has credible and insightful information, rather than have them scouring the internet.”

The adult entertainment hub sure has aimed high with this endeavor and could potentially be paving the way to a smarter, safer, more sexually-conscientious culture.