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Bryden Smith
Bryden Smith believes in the news.  But at the dawn of the age of information, he watched as technology became ingrained into peoples’ lives at an exponential rate.  The media is struggling to evolve, and with a divided political and cultural climate, the truth is becoming lost in translation. So, he decided to become a Journalism Major at ACC, where he's learning the industry in order to make a difference.  Bryden started as a reporter for The Arapahoe Pinnacle in early 2017 where he covered everything from national news to movie reviews to scholarship benefactors. Now, he hopes to serve the publication well as the Editor-in-Chief for his last semester at ACC.

A Colorado native, Bryden resides in Parker where he works at Panera pressing paninis or watching Lord of the Rings for the thousandth time.  When he’s not writing or editing, he works to stay in shape with running, yoga, weight-lifting and meditation.  He loves quiet evenings with his girlfriend, black coffee, good conversation and new perspectives. Look out for more stories coming this spring!

Bryden Smith, Editor-in-Chief

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