Review: The Upbeat Ambiance of Ross McGuire’s Debut Album

Bryden Smith, Counter Culture Reporter

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With a modest nine followers on SoundCloud, new independent artist Ross McGuire uploaded his first full length album: an ambient yet upbeat collection of modern electronica. Psyberscenic: The Scrying Orb pits upbeat drum tempos against tides of psychedelic reverberations.

It’s rare in this day and age for independent artists to craft a well-produced sounding album on their first try, but McGuire nails it with The Scrying Orb. It’s clear that he has an ear for what does and doesn’t sound good, and when any amateur artist can upload their music to platforms like SoundCloud, having that refined sense is as important as ever.

Psyberscenic: The Scrying Orb takes listeners on a melodic voyage, with the masterful slow-rises and abrupt-drops, giving the album a variance in mood and energy. Tracks like Nebulous are standouts; familiar ray-gun style sounds are elevated by the subtle fluctuations that make the song so pleasing to the ear. While each song is completely its own, the record is kept cohesive by the classic-drum beat and rhythm.

By the time listeners reach The Crisis in Circadia, they already know what McGuire is capable of. The delicate and almost elusive bass shudders throughout the track, entrancing listeners despite the relative minimalism of the song. The album is rooted in traditional techno, but it sounds new and shiny, with the potential to draw in a wide variety of electronica fans.

‘Making it’ however, is getting harder and harder for musicians. With the ever-increasing number of independent artists, there is more and more for listeners to choose from. Standing out is more critical than ever, and in the future McGuire should take more risks in an effort to be unique. With his obvious skill at producing music, he can afford to do so.

Whether listeners are looking for an upbeat album to study for midterms to, or just something fresh, Ross McGuire’s debut Psyberscenic: The Scrying Orb delivers.

You can support Ross by listening and sharing his music, linked below.