The Broncos’ wild season extends to off-season


Anthony Silio, Reporter

The Broncos are currently experiencing the true obstacle to a champions repeat run and that is continuity. When teams around the NFL look to improve their rosters during the off-season; a Super Bowl locker room is the first place they look.

This was the situation for the Jaguars when they signed Malik Jackson to an enormous 6-year, 90-million-dollar contract with 42 million guaranteed. Malik Jackson has put together two consecutive respectable seasons with the Broncos, but the question on whether or not Jackson is worth 42 million dollars is left to be answered.

The Broncos had another piece of their Super Bowl winning defense get whisked away by a team looking to improve. Danny Trevathan signed with the Bears for 4-years 24.5 million dollars with 2 million in guaranteed money.

The front seven of the Broncos was instrumental to the success of the championship run, and while the Broncos lost a few pillars, they were able to lock down a few too. One of the first things the Broncos did was extend Derek Wolfe’s contract that will keep him in their line until 2020. The contract extension was high, at 36.7 million dollars, but only 17.5 million is guaranteed.

Knowing that the market had a little more money to save this year with the salary cap getting a slight bump, the Broncos are attempting to lock Von Miller with the franchise tag. Von Miller is on the roster and on the books for 14.1 million dollars this year, but at this point in time Miller has not signed his contract. It is almost customary these days for valued players to delay the acceptance of a tag application because it limits their ability to negotiate, but rumors are that a 17-million-dollar contract may be offered.

Flipping to the offensive side, the Broncos’ backfield positions were almost completely vacated. The obvious Manning retiring was an accepted loss, but Houston’s signing of Brock Osweiler surprised many. The Texans were a team that made it to the playoffs somehow by starting three quarterbacks throughout the season. Regardless if it was an injury or ineptitude, whomever the Texans threw out their under center, they had a QB problem. This bad quarterback play doomed them in the playoffs as they lost in the first round forcing them to overpay for Brock. 72-million-dollars with 37 million dollars guaranteed is objectively steep for Osweiler’s level of production. The contract makes him worth more on a yearly salary than Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith and Andrew Luck.

The Broncos were about to lose member number three in the back field when they finally came to an agreement with C.J. Anderson and matched the Miami Dolphins offer sheet. The Dolphins also lost an important piece to the high paying Texans, when their Running Back Lamar Miller was signed by Houston. To fill the hole they were eying, C.J. pursued him very hard, offering a four year contract. The Broncos matched the offer, and thanks to a little help from Anderson’s loyalty, C.J. signed the contract, turning down more money from the Bears.

A few smaller moves have also been done: two offensive linemen were signed. Donald Stephenson and Russell Okung, both signed multiple year deals. The Broncos released Louis Vasquez, Owen Daniels and Aaron Brewer to clear up close to 10 million dollars in cap space.

The Broncos did sign Mark Sanchez, but no comment should be made until the Broncos’ final Quarterback depth chart is set.