Productive Podcast of the Week: Literary Hangover


Image via Literary Hangover

Logo for the American literature podcast, Literary Hangover.

Jaymes Grundmann, Editor-In-Chief

This week’s Productive Podcast of the Week is a must listen for any English major. Literary Hangover is hosted by the Majority Report‘s producer Matt Lech, a literature junkie with a Masters degree in Media, Culture and Communication from NYU, as well as English and Communication degrees from Minnesota State University-Moorhead. According to Lech, the goal of Literary Hangover is, “to use the natural casual intimacy of podcasts to have entertaining but mature and historically-grounded conversations about American literature and mythology”.

The show discusses a wide variety of texts ranging from examining first hand accounts of the Salem Witch Trials to in depth analysis of Nancy Maclean’s 2017 classic, “Democracy In Chains”. Listeners can also find premium content like deep dives on various George Orwell writings on Patreon for $4 a month.

If this podcast sounds up your alley, Lech recommends that you check out his personal favorite episodes on Anne Bradstreet, Margaret Fuller, and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s House of the Seven Gables.