Throwback Thursday: The Past of ACC’s Clubs


Photo by Kate Kalvach on Unsplash

Cam Yarumian, Reporter

Of all the club’s we hear about at Arapahoe Community College, there are a lot of them that are not sports-related. But in the late 1990s, ACC offered a Soccer Club and a Baseball Club.

ACC Soccer Club preparing for a game in 1998. Photo by Melinda Fitzgerald.

The ACC Soccer Club began it’s first season on October 3rd, they usually played games on the west lawn. The club used to play against Colorado Mountain College and Community College of Aurora. In an old article, written in the Rapp Street Journal newspaper, it stated that several players on the ACC team had to step in and join Community College of Aurora so they would have enough players to avoid forfeiting the game.

ACC Baseball Club, The Knights. Photo by Tammy Testerman in 1996.

They also used to offer a Baseball Club; the Knights. The club used to play against the Teikyo Loretto Heights College. In April of 1996, there was a time where the Knights had to forfeit a game because not enough players showed up to the field. According to the Rapp Street Journal, an article titled ACC Baseball Club Strikes Out,  the coach of the baseball team stopped showing up to the games. There after, the president of the club resigned her position, which forced the cancellation of the remaining games.

Do you think if there was a baseball club now, that we would have the same problem? Would you want to join the ACC baseball team if there was one?

Even though there is no longer a baseball club or a soccer club, there are other clubs that ACC does offer. There is a gamer’s club, motorsports club, dance club, and many others. If you have a passion for another club that ACC does not offer, they also have an event request form you can fill out and maybe they can get it started.