Two Nights With Beck at Red Rocks

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Jake Tharan

Beck will not be performing in Denver until September, but this is a time-sensitive situation that warrants an early Take. Beck’s September 24th performance at Red Rocks sold out so quickly that a second night, September 25, was added to give fans another opportunity to purchase tickets.

L.A.’s versatile genre-hopper Beck Hansen operates without borders, synthesizing genres like a musical chemist splicing genes from folk to hip-hop to alternative rock. Beck is versed in compositional approach to the point that describing his music as simply ‘alternative’ is too confined. Anomalistic would be more appropriate.

Joining Beck is Nevada indie/folk artist Jenny Lewis.

According to AEG, this second night was added due to overwhelming demand, so do not sleep on these tickets, which are available here, (for now!)

Let’s see what Beck can do on stage with two turntables and a microphone!