Russian Circles Return to Denver

Jake Tharan, Contributing Writer

Illinois instrumental trio Russian Circles are returning to Denver on Friday, March 23, this time to headline the Bluebird Theater with Utah duo Eagle Twin in support.

A band skilled in utilizing each instrument to the fullest extent, Russian Circles presents a dynamic and textured sound by constructing compelling segues. The group excels at creating a battery of single songs that are then compiled into a unique whole, giving the listener the optimum ‘full album’ experience. The tracks are able to stand alone, but better-served as a complete entrée, where each serving flows seamlessly and complements the next. It is this characterization that requires listening to any record in their catalog from start to finish, exemplified on releases like 2016’s Guidance.

SLC’s Eagle Twin produces a distant heap of sludge through a stew of guitar fuzz and minimalistic drums. The sound is equivalent to what you may hear emitting from a ritual held in the basement of a recluse cabin. In other words, it’s great!

The Bluebird Theater still has tickets available — get them before it’s too late!