Decibel Magazine Tour 2018

Jake Tharan

America’s raucous heavy metal publication Decibel Magazine has returned with the seventh iteration of its annual tour, once again bringing a diverse package to the Gothic Theatre on Monday, February 26th.

Denver’s own doombringers Khemmis have been selected as the opening act for the entirety of the tour, and ahead of the release of their 3rd studio LP. The quartet was recently signed to Germany’s legendary label Nuclear Blast for distribution outside of the United States and has also confirmed their first European appearance at Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands in April.

Rocky mountain doom is continuing to infiltrate the globe!

Joining them on the tour is Danish one-woman project Myrkur, the vision of multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun. 2017 saw the release of her second studio full-length Mareridt, a record flowing with the confluence of darkness and beauty, built upon a sturdy black metal foundation. The record is rife with classical and folk instrumentation layered beneath Bruun’s remarkable vocal versatility.

This is highly recommended listening which you can plunge into here.

Distinct black metal trio Wolves in the Throne Room will offer direct support for this tour – and you had better believe it will be bleak. The Olympia group blends shrill black metal, absorbing midsections and passages replete with atmospheric breadth. Their 2017 LP Thrice Woven once again painted their signature musical landscapes, continuing a compelling formula. Observe for yourself here.

Last but damn sure not the least is the headlining act: Norway’s longstanding Norse marauders, Enslaved. 2017’s E saw the band further whet their all-inclusive progressive black metal edges. Now the group is atop the Decibel bill here in 2018 to sail through North America brandishing shield and horn!

Tickets are available through the Gothic Theatre’s website. Don’t forget to arrive early to show Khemmis some love!