The Arapahoe Pinnacle

Submission Guidelines

Some guidelines: 
– Submissions must be original. Provide a list of sources and any links relevant to the information in your submission.
– News-article submissions should be objective, factual, unbiased, and a maximum length of 750 words. Attempt to use AP Style.
– We do sometimes feature creative work from ACC students, faculty, and staff, especially if the work is timely or is the winner of an ACC or affiliated contest, but please note the submission is not journalism.
– Photos/images must not exceed 10 MB in size. Please provide a link to videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
– Please provide your full name and contact info with your submission.
– Please be prepared to make edits to your work if requested.
The Arapahoe Pinnacle Staff reserves the right to…
– Reject any submission received, for any reason.
– Edit any work for errors, style, formatting, clarity, etc.
Email captioned photo submissions, art and written submissions to [email protected].
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