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The student publication of Arapahoe Community College in Colorado

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The student publication of Arapahoe Community College in Colorado

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Faces of ACC: Tim Meyer

From playing around on a disposable camera to becoming ACC’s leader in media production

It was just over a year ago when award-winning photographer and cinematographer Tim Meyer accepted the role as ACC’s Video and Photography Production Coordinator, and in that short time he has already added to the trophy case.

On Oct. 13, Meyer received three honors at the 2023 National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR) District 4 Medallion Awards, a regional competition for excellence in design and communication at two-year colleges. He won a silver trophy for a short-form promotional video, a silver trophy for a long-form promotional video, and a bronze trophy for a video short series. This isn’t the first time Meyer has won a Medallion award—in fact, he won multiple Medallions in 2021 and 2022 with Community College of Aurora—but this year’s honors carry extra significance due to their large viewership and positive feedback.

In high school, Meyer and his friends were in a band. While they would sing and play guitar, he would pull out a camera and document their experiences. Little did Meyer know that messing around and making videos with his friends would spark a passion that eventually became his career.

“I didn’t really notice how much I liked it when I did those fun little videos with the band,” Meyer said. “Photography and videography were things on the periphery back then.”

By the time Meyer turned 19 years old, family friend Victor Sanchez, owner of photography and video company imADgine Studios, came calling to hire someone to help him move his equipment around. This is when Meyer’s photo and video production hobby evolved into a career aspiration.

He spent five years working alongside Sanchez in what he would consider an ‘apprentice’ role, going from knowing nothing about the job to later becoming a leading content creator. Through a recommendation from Sanchez, Meyer decided in 2017 to enroll in Colorado Film School through the Community College of Aurora. Two and a half years later, Meyer received a certificate in cinematography, planting the seed for his next job opportunity.

By September of 2022, Meyer was hired on to be the Video and Photography Coordinator at ACC, and he hasn’t wasted any time embracing the new role. Meyer spends his days at ACC attending student events, documenting what’s happening in the classroom, and letting the public know what the school has to offer. Meyer also writes scripts for promotional videos that are shared through ACC’s media pages or his personal portfolio. Compared to his previous jobs, he has become much more involved with posting his work on social media, which has added to his skillset.

“[Social media] has helped me be able to think projects through more and be more data-driven,” Meyer said. “It has also helped me on a personal level because I offer freelance work on the side and can use it to promote that as well.”

Outside of his college-specific work, Meyer has built an eclectic portfolio of diverse projects, including promotional photography in an industrial workplace, working at the firefighter training facility, real estate advertising, and documenting sports events. Way back in 2015, for one of his first-ever projects, Meyer attended events in which a tech company partnered with NFL teams including the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and Los Angeles Rams.

Meyer recounts an early shot he had in his portfolio of Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall: “I was scared as hell, but Victor [Sanchez] decided to throw me to the wolves and say ‘Here’s a Denver Bronco to photograph.’”

It’s fitting that the topic of sports was brought up in the conversation as Meyer revealed that his goal is to do cinematography work for NFL Films: “The pinnacle of my career would be filming sports events, specifically football. Not for broadcast but more so those slow-motion shots. That would be a dream come true for me.”

You can contact Tim Meyer @timmeyervisuals on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or visit his website:

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