A Page For Poetry Class

A Page For Poetry Class By Dalton Giesick

(Winner of Silent Spark Press Publication in Amazing Poetry E-Book 2022 Edition.)


Trotter says,

write a Page for Poetry Class.

I open my laptop with sass,

and bring up a page.

Ponder what to say,

there is this picture in my sight.

Cody S sounds about right.


To this high school I don’t fit in.

School begins and in comes this kid.

You can sit at our table, even.

Hi, I’m Stephen,

Cody S, to be exact.

Scribbling during school, every day, in fact.

In People’s Magazine, I thought that was a hobby only to me.

I wonder if that puzzle in front of him is one I did last week.

A hobby shared by only a few,

I wonder what else we could do.


I thought on the bus, about how we could connect best.

And ’round the corner, stood Cody S.

Walking he was, taking the route I would.

When going back home, he asked if I could.

If I wanted to walk with him, and little we knew,

that walk would create a friendship new.


Through all the years which have felt like forever,

I look back on what we’ve done together.

We continued to grow, to move on with our lives,

but without each other at one’s side.

Who knew that Cody S, my friend he would become,

that new kid who sat at my table, since that day I was overcome.

Something to write about at lass,

This is my page for poetry class.