Ode to a Jellyfish

Ode to a Jellyfish


Ode to a Jellyfish

You, floating, as if you
follow no gravity,
becoming seafoam cutting through
the thickest sheets of
emerald and sapphire.

You, the grace
of a dandelion seed, tossed
on the breeze; a rosy spring evening.
You, the charm
of a princess gown,
round as a bowl but soft
as satin; the color of twilight.

Your body, translucent, shimmering,
a glowing marble
in the dimmest of light that
transcends the
“laws of beauty.”

Toxic tendrils
of lace and yarn
spiral slowly beneath you;
this cream shadow curls,
tickling the tears of lovelorn sirens.

Yet you are the safest
being for yourself.


Rich in shades of light amber and
red wine you are the
goddess of rolling waves
and reflections of stars.
You inspire with your
delicate, ethereal ways,
yet you speak no words,
utter no song.

A silent waltz is all you are,
captivating the stars,
catching notice of the Gods,
their mighty hands
mimicking your ebbing form
with galaxies of white and yellow,
painting tentacles with stardust and space.

If I could comprehend
the complexity of
your dance, each flowing
movement slowly caressing
the sea’s most vulnerable folds,
I could imagine
A siren’s kiss, the cold passion
and a loneliness unmeasurable.

You have confused me,
tantalizing lonely thoughts
while you entangle me
Within your shadow.

Body warm, you remind me
that despite the silence,
loneliness is just a figment
of an imagination
by a soul in love.