Fall Disc Golf League Starts Again at ACC


Image via Polylerus

Two discs sitting in a net as result of a disc golf, or frolf, game.

Fall Disc Golf League is the Frisbee version of golf and for the first time ever is offered at Arapahoe Community College (ACC) in a league format. It’s full name is Fall Disc Golf League at ACC, or as many call it frolf. The League gets together every Wednesday from 3 p.m- 5 p.m and go through the frolf course.

The rules of frolf are very similar to golf. Brian Bator, head of the Fall Disc Golf League explained, “The objective is to get your disc into a basket and have it supported by the basket in as few throws as possible. Most courses are generally par 3 with some of them being par 4 or par 5, but for the most part par 3. Etiquette rules still apply for frolf with the same tee box order and birdies are still birdies. Also, if you shank one you still have to yell four”.

ACC students and Coordinator of Student Organizations, Brian Bator, play some lawn olympics at the Spring BBQ on April 23rd, 2019. This event was held to gather students and faculty for them to relax and hangout during to close out the semester.

Bator continued by stating, “there are two seasons for frolf at ACC. The fall league lasts from late August through November, and there is a spring league as well. The whole point of setting up the frolf league at ACC is to create engagement among the students. you must always have at least one other person with you when going to play frolf. That is the only way you can turn in a score sheet as well is having at least one partner. This also enables you to compete in an activity and get some exercise while you’re at it”.

As for how many people will play in a single group, usually the most is four. That is purely for time based reasons, as some groups can be as small as two, or as large as six if time isn’t an issue. If they’re playing doubles they will do eight but usually the number is four. If for some reason you can’t find any student to play with the student life center will provide someone to play with you.

Bator arrived last fall, and knew there was clubs for disc golf, but not an official Fall Disc Golf League. Not being sure if another club would draw enough students to engage in it, Bator decided to just start the Fall Disc Golf League and it’s turned out great.

This will be Fall Disc Golf League’s third full semester at ACC, and they got great numbers last year.

“They were consistently getting twelve students showing up to play frolf.” Mentioned Bator.  “The number one rule on the professional disc golf league website is: they who have the most fun,wins. Now that is not to say it doesn’t get competitive, but you’re not taking pride in your opponent’s failures”.

For example, he brought up, “if someone hits a great shot that’s great and it shouldn’t effect you in any way. For when you can play, you can play any time during the week but the main group meets up from three to five on Wednesdays. It is played right next to the ACC main building on the south lawn. The first tee box for the first hole starts down by the road by the blue light. It is a  nine hole course, however they have two tee boxes for each basket so you can play an 18 hole course”.

It is currently the only sport offered at ACC until basketball starts in November. It’s not because they don’t want more, but need to think about how many students will show up.  Bator was hoping to start a flag football league, but getting enough people for seven on seven flag football is just too hard to accomplish with so many varying schedules. So for October, if you’re bored,waiting for basketball to start, or simply want to meet new people then the disc golf league would be a great thing to try.