Air Water Generators making a World of Difference for Those in Need

Air Water Generators making a World of Difference for Those in Need

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What is an Air Water Generator?

An Air Water Generator gathers condensation from the air, to create water that is scarce in specific regions of the world.

Are there different generators?

Air Water Generators may be used in different techniques such as Fog Nets Water Harvesting, Solar Hydro-Panels, Lithium-Chloride Desiccant Generators, and we also have other Atmospheric Generators. Each one performs to solve the issue of water shortages for people and agriculture needs from all around the world.

How do the generators work?

With the Fog Netting System, the Air Generator works with being in high elevation, close to an ocean where the fog can come in contact with the nets. The nets have a mesh that collects the water droplets over time. Solar Hydro-Panels uses energy from the sun. Lithium-Chloride Desiccants dehumidifies the air. Then there is the Atmospheric Air Water System that brings in air and goes into a heat exchanger to condense the water.

The Pros

Air Generators helps deplete our plastic bottle usage by creating clean water from humid air through a specific process depending on the type of generator used; goes into a circulating storage that keeps the water fresh, till the consumer is ready to use the water. Another benefit of Air Water Generators is to create availability for water in regions that have water shortages.

With fog nets, the materials are inexpensive and easy to install for it does not require any energy. Solar Hydro-Panels using energy from the sun to power the filter inside, that circulates the mineralized water and can last for many years. With Lithium-Chloride Desiccant Generators, the desiccant material is the vapor collector from the air and does not require thermal installation, which in turn makes the cost low for usage. Atmospheric Air to Water System (newest advanced generator model) is patented by company Watergen; currently being used around the world in the United States, Latin America, Africa, Asia, India, Europe and Israel.

The Cons

For Air Water Generators to be successful at collecting water, there must be specific conditions to be met. The Lithium-Chloride Desiccant must be re-generated. The Fog Nets must be in the same direction as the fog, with specific location of a body of water with fog above that flows into the nets and is dependent on the weather. Fog Nets need lots of space.  Solar Hydro-Panels is also weather related and is expensive to own. The Atmospheric Vacuum Air Generator System could possibly have higher maintenance cost for the large amounts of water provided.

The Water Shortage and our Future around the World

Air Water Generators are making a world of difference for those in need, especially since the statistics for water shortages around the world are significantly changing. In 2007, the map shows the statistics here in the United States where the water was plentiful. In the year 2016, only eight years later, the world map is showing how the United States is gradually becoming part of the water shortage concern.

A representative from the Watergen company has given me permission to share their website information and their news stories. Watergen, is company based around the world that has created a statistics prediction for the year 2040. Their statistic map shows that it is possible that the water shortage issue is increasing to more areas.  The prediction is very important because 2040 is only sixteen years into the future and time goes by very quickly.

In the year 2020, Prince Charles, now the King of England, was introduced to the Atmospheric Air Water Generator technology from Watergen and to personally see how it works. Watergen has won a total of nine awards. Watergen is very passionate about helping the world with water shortage needs, with their special patented Air Water Generators.

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