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The student publication of Arapahoe Community College in Colorado

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Empowering Future Leaders: NGAC & Littleton Leadership Academy Look Toward their Futures

Image via Sebastian Comes-Pritchett
Brennon Morris discussing future plans for committee at Littleton City Hall during the monthly NGAC meeting.

Founded in 2019, the Next Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) meets on the first Thursday of every month to discuss and help the City of Littleton and community matters. Made up of community members of Littleton aged 16-36, they help advise the Town of Littleton to help form their future vision of the city. In a November meeting, meeting attention was on Littleton’s Leadership Academy at ACC, starting a conversation about community engagement, and possibly the students of ACC joining NGAC. 

During the November meeting, they discussed the Littleton Leadership Academy hosted at ACC. They hoped to gain further connections with the Littleton Leadership Academy and are pleased with the hosting provided by ACC.  This program is run by Debbie Shackelford who is the Workforce Training Coordinator & Littleton Leadership Coordinator, and Julie Beggs who is the Vice President of Economic Mobility & Workforce Innovation.

“To be honest I kind of think that ACC is a better place for this [Littleton Leadership Academy] just because of the natural education setting and the resources that you have,” committee member Gregory Anderson said. 

Gregory Anderson going over highlights at the Littleton City Hall during the monthly NGAC meeting. (Image via Sebastian Comes-Pritchett)

Anderson went on to discuss the possibility of having ACC students on the committee saying, “There are up to 16 members in the group, it would be great to have more members involved, especially from the community of ACC,” 

Beggs believes the ultimate goal of this program is to inspire more people to become leaders in the Littleton Community. “I think that the three founders really did want it to be something where they could continue to build.” Such as having students be more involved in their city such as city council, and other committees.  

While this program was closed in 2019, Beggs hopes to return this time with a more involved and expansive group. The group will join starting January of 2024, and go on for 10 months with meetings on the 3rd Friday of every month from 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  

To join the Leadership Academy one must meet the following criteria: Live or work in the City of Littleton, have a desire for leadership growth, have a history of volunteering or other civic activities, have passion and drive to tackle challenges facing the City of Littleton, and a willingness and ability to commit fully to the academy and be 18 years of age or older.

For further information regarding the Next Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) please contact the city clerk at [email protected]

For further information regarding Littleton Leadership Academy please contact Debbie Shackelford at [email protected]

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