Darkness to Befall the Gothic via Chelsea Wolfe

Jake Tharan, Contributing Writer

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California musician Chelsea Wolfe will make her return to Denver this Friday, October 27th at the Gothic Theater with a performance of murky ambiance and glowing goth-rock.  If you’re not familiar with the singer-songwriter, immerse yourself in her diverse palette here.

Wolfe released her fifth studio LP Hiss Spun in September, which featured a stronger incorporation of metal into her gloomy atmospheres, thus grabbing the attention of Denver’s heavy faithful.  This show was initially booked at the Bluebird Theater, but due to a sellout, the show was moved to the Gothic.

Now we have the chance to take advantage of additional tickets — it’s my earnest suggestion that you do the same.

Wolfe is receiving direct support from California duo Youth Code, who blend industrial abrasion with heavy sampling and drum machines, crafting a harsh live show.

Tickets are available here, but don’t wait!