Bell Witch and Primitive Man at the Hi-Dive

Jake Tharan, Contributing Writer

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Prepare for an evening rich with the thickest, slowest and most rancorous dirges of the year.  Seattle’s Bell Witch and Denver’s Primitive Man are performing a co-headlining slog at the Hi-Dive on South Broadway on Wednesday, October 25th.

Denver’s prime doom exhibition Primitive Man is touring in support of their second full-length LP Caustic, and Denver will be supplied with the first set of the tour.  Heralding the most miserable music conceived in metal, Primitive Man gives listeners a horrifying soundtrack to life as we know it.

The negative does indeed outweigh the positive, but that’s kind of the point; witnessing the overbearingly heavy sounds this group employs live is a real treat.

Seattle doom duo Bell Witch just released their third full-length LP in the form of one, continuous, 83-minute composition.  The track unfolds as listeners are taken through a drawn-out, pensive journey exhibiting abyssal vocals over deep drums and organs.

It does indeed require patience, but you’ll emerge with a stronger ear should you make it through.

Bell Witch offers a defining live experience, as the band is comprised of only a drummer and a bass player.  Rest assured, frontman Dylan Desmond pulls an array of sounds and sustain from his six-string bass.  The two members craft a truly sobering, dense live sound not to be ignored.

The show will be opened by Denver bands Urn and Oryx, both of which dump a pile of sludge all over the audience in a live setting, so you’d arrive early!

The doors open at 8:30 and tickets are available here.

No hesitating now! Purchase a ticket to be smothered by feedback this Wednesday.