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Pinnacle Oracle: I Didn't Choose To Be A Mom

Pinnacle Oracle: I Didn’t Choose To Be A Mom

November 3, 2018

Q: I’m basically my niece’s mother now, and I love her. But I want to go back to school and get my life together. Sometimes we can’t find my sister for w...

students watching the Fire trucks pull up to ACC's main campus.

Where’s The Fire?

November 3, 2018

On Nov 1 at approximately 3:48pm a fire alarm sounded throughout Arapahoe Community College Campus. Hordes of students were forced to immediately exit...

Brilliant Local Writers Bursting Out From the Margins

Brilliant Local Writers Bursting Out From the Margins

October 31, 2018

"Out from the Margins," a literary event in Littleton this Thursday, spotlights the kind of writing and authors and poets that have historically been shunted...

The Children's Hospital Mobile Unit ready to leave  after a day of donations

The Vampires of Children’s Hospital

October 30, 2018

With the cold nights getting longer and the leaves changing with the season one thing seems to be on most people’s minds: Halloween. And just like mythical...

City of the Dead Haunted House and Asylum, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018 in Henderson Colo.

City of The Dead

October 22, 2018

Looking for a scare? Try the City of the Dead and the Asylum Haunted House at the Mile High Flea Market at 7007 E 88th Ave., Henderson CO. Having been...

While You Were Sleeping

A model of the spine being shown on display at the Arapaho Community College  Health Fair

Dylan Boxer, Jason Truitt, and Kera Morris

October 11, 2018

Most students have been looking forward to Oct. 9th as a day to sleep in, get some work done and maybe even lounge around. That’s because students h...

Faces of ACC

Faces of ACC

October 11, 2018

"I see that guy all the time," you might think, seeing someone day-in and day-out semester after semester. There are plenty of full-time staff that...

Pinnacle Oracle: Not Sure She's Ready

Pinnacle Oracle: Not Sure She’s Ready

October 10, 2018

Q: My teenager wants to start classes here to get “a leg up” on her degree. I’m worried about her being in classes with adults! What should I do? ...

Two Suicides at Arapahoe High School

Sarah Sanchez, Reporter

October 8, 2018

Only three days apart, two Arapahoe High School students were lost to suicide. Both students were seniors, a boy and girl. In the early hours of Saturday, September 29, 2018, the boy took his life and on the following Tuesday, October 2, the girl took hers. The aftermath of these students deaths has been hard for many; the other students, school faculty, families and friends....