Pinnacle Oracle: Not Sure She’s Ready


Q: My teenager wants to start classes here to get “a leg up” on her degree. I’m worried about her being in classes with adults! What should I do?


Not Sure She’s Ready


A: Interesting question. I see your concern. However, I feel there is nothing for you to worry about. If your teenager wants to get “a leg up” and jump into college courses, I think that is a smart move! Think about the alternative; what if she had no interest in school?  Your daughter could have horrible grades, she could be messing around with love interests, or any number of other less savory things. Your daughter will also attain her degree at a younger age, or she may discover she has different interests that give her more time to explore different college courses.


I feel you do not need to worry about her being with adults. In community colleges most of the adults have lives to live, families to worry about and jobs to get to. Those adults are also there to get their degree; they pay for their education and don’t typically go to college to mess around. It sounds like she is a young woman with a good head on her shoulders, anyway. Trust her.


There is security on every school campus. If she ever feels uncomfortable, she has resources.


By attending college earlier your daughter will get an understanding on how college works. She will also be able to discover classes she likes and doesn’t. She will have more time to change her mind, more opportunity to explore what is out there for her. There was a young woman here at ACC, Madison Stone, who took college courses while in high school. She had nothing but good experiences, and she also had a brother who completed his associates degree when he graduated high school and completed a bachelor of science in computer information science at age 20. Read about it here.  


Your daughter could be interested in doing the bare minimum as a high school student, so the fact that she wants to get a jump start and complete a degree sooner is inspiring.