Colorado Rockies through their first 30 Games

Anthony Silio, Arapahoe Pinnacle Reporter

The Colorado Rockies’ first thirty games have been a pleasant surprise to the Rockies’ fan base. Currently sitting at two games under .500, with a 14-16 record, the Rockies are more impressed with how they have played within their division.

While writing this article, the Rockies are up two to nothing in the top of the ninth, against the San Francisco Giants. Walt Weiss has given the ball to Jake McGee, in hopes to close out the four game away series, with a two game split. The Rockies lost the middle two games of this extended series, after winning the first game on Thursday in historic fashion. The Rockies scored 13 runs in the top of the fifth, leading them to a new franchise record for runs scored in an inning and a 17-7 victory over the Giants.

Within their division, the Rockies are two games over .500 with a 12-10 record. Colorado’s best play has been against their rivals, the Arizona Diamondbacks, where they have posted a 5-1 record. The Rockies hope to continue that trend, as the Diamondbacks fly into Denver tonight to face the Rockies for a three game series on May 9 through 11. The series will include a call into work game, as the Rockies will play Arizona at 1:10 p.m. on Wednesday.

The relative success that the Rockies have shown is entirely due to the offensive production the team has put together, starting with Rockies’ All Star Third-baseman, Nolan Arenado. In what seems like a déjà vu season, Arenado leads the team in all three major-batting categories. With a .322 batting average and 12 home runs, Arenado also has near an RBI a game, with 29 total. Keeping with the trend, Arenado also leads the team in total hits on base percentage, slugging percentage, runs scored, walks drawn and total bases.

Right behind Nolan for the team’s top performers is Trevor Story. Starting the season scorching hot, Story hit seven home runs in the teams’ first six games; since then, Story has cooled off hitting four home runs over the course of the team’s next 25 games. While it may seem like a drop off, Story only has one less home run than Nolan Arenado, and seven more than the next best home run hitter, Carlos Gonzalez. Story also sits second on the team in runs batted in and total bases. The two statistical categories of where he actually sits atop tell the whole story of Trevor Story. Story leads the team in triples and it speaks to his ability to hit extra-base hits, which has been his signature but, Story also leads in the team in strikeouts by a lot. Story has struck out 46 times in 31 games. Not only does Story own the most strikeouts on his team, but he also owns the most strikeouts in the National League.

In all, the Rockies have been a superb offensive team over the first thirty game stretch. They are a top five team in nearly every offensive category. Having said that, where the team dominates with hitting, they cower with pitching.

The Rockies have a plus five E.R.A as a team, which places them third worst in the Majors. The team is in the bottom five for runs allowed and runs earned, and in the bottom fifteen for walks allowed and strike-outs thrown. Opponents hit a staggering .267 batting average off of the Rockies’ staff that sits in the bottom ten in on base percentage and slugging percentage.

The bright spots for the Rockies’ rotation is Tyler Chatwood and Chad Bettis. Tyler has posted a fantastic 2.15 earned run average, while on his way to four wins, in his six appearances. Chad has seen better times, but his team leading 30 strikeouts has given him 3 wins in his seven appearances. Together, Tyler and Chad lead the rotation in wins, WHIP, and most importantly, Innings Pitched. An average of 40 innings have been pitched by both Tyler and Chad; all the while, not a single pitcher on the Rockies’ pitching staff has over 20.

The season is far from being over, but now you know how the Rockies have gotten to where they are. If you are a fan, continue to tune into ROOT sports for all of your Rockies action. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, the Rockies open up a three game home series against the Mets. The games will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and there will be assured offense, as both teams are tops in the league in home runs.