Marquis Theater in LoDo offers good music and good food

Jake Tharan, Arapahoe Pinnacle Music Critic

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The live music venue situated a block from Coors Field hosted a stacked heavy metal bill last Monday, Nov. 5.  Concert-goers were treated to five bands playing ferocious music as well as excellent pizza.

The Marquis Theater is also home to Marquis Pizza, which features monster NY style pizza.  Their specialty pies are delicious and also bear names taken from actual bands or album titles.  Calzones and breads are also available should you opt against pizza.  Whatever food you choose, you will not be disappointed.

The venue is complemented by a wonderful sound system that accentuates the music of live groups.  It especially emphasizes rock and metal bands, providing a good balance of acoustics.  You can even stand right next to the speaker stacks at either side of the stage and remain content with the volume, as it does not bludgeon the senses.  Although at an evening riff-rally like this one, you’ll appreciate the bludgeoning to get the full experience.

The headlining act on the bill is The Black Dahlia Murder out of Michigan (their name is derived from the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, which is pretty heavy).  These melodic shredders have built up a substantial following within the metal community, and they have the chops to back that up.  Searing leads and vehemently resounding double-bass filled the venue upon their entrance to the stage.

 The band displays one of the best live musical performances you will see in metal.  Each of the five musicians playing is clearly audible and truly cohesive with one another.  Their lead guitarist specifically executes spectacular solos.

The bill was rounded out with four more impressive acts, some of which have sustained a presence and some that are making waves in the underground.  New Orleans’ group Goatwhore smashed the audience with their tight performance of blasphemous death metal, which featured growled, curdling screams and an intensely heavy guitar tone.  Iron Reagan from Richmond, Virginia assaulted the crowd with their comical but serious blend of hardcore and crossover thrash metal.  The other two bands, Artificial Brain and Entheos unleashed their highly technical and progressive-tinged metal to start the party.

Fans of any genre, not solely limited to metal, will be pleased with venue and its staff.  It is so intimate so as to provide a great seat no matter where you post up for the night.  With their great pizza and full bar topping off the live action, dissatisfaction with the Marquis will not befall you.