Tips to Prepare for a Possible Quarantine


Image via Jaymes Grundmann

Empty cleaning supply shelves at Wal Mart off of C-470 in Littleton, Colo., on March, 12th, 2020.

Jaymes Grundmann, Editor-in-Chief

With the recent consideration of total lockdown in New York City due to a spike in coronavirus cases it’s increasingly important to prepare for the possibility of a quarantine. While there have been shortages due to the panic, luckily many stores are implementing limits to certain product purchases to supply those that still need to prepare. 

Dry foods, non perishables, and frozen protein and vegetables

This is one of the most important supplies to stock up on since they rarely go bad and are easy to store. Food like pasta, rice, quinoa and nuts are simple to prepare and an important part of a healthy diet. While many canned goods may be high in sodium or preservatives, they’ll be useful for having long lasting access to vegetables and proteins. Other than that, it’ll be important to utilize any freezer space that you have with frozen meats and vegetables.

Hygiene and cleaning supplies

Just like with any health outbreak, hygiene is incredibly important. Consistent hand washing is one of the most useful tools in combatting Coronavirus do maintaining a good supply of soap will be necessary. Bleach and isopropyl alcohol will be the most useful and versatile cleaning products to purchase if you can find them.


Due to the virus’ similarity to the flu, every household should have a supply of fever reducers and over the counter flu medications like ibuprofen, acetimetaphin, and Theraflu etc. Supplemental vitamins and supplements like Emergen-C will also be useful for maintaining a healthy immune system. For those on prescription medications, it’s incredibly important to contact your doctor to assure you have an adequate supply.

Bottled water

While there are currently doesn’t appear to be any threat to our water supply, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple cases of water at home just in case the situation worsens.

If you have an elderly loved one or neighbor be sure to limit contact, but reach out and make sure that they’re prepared as well so they don’t risk exposure by leaving the home themselves. Lending a helping hand and showing kindness is incredibly important in drastic times like this.