The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly-#COVIDDiariesOfACC


Image via Cam

Article on a phone about the coronavirus in Colorado from the Denver Post on April 1, 2020.

Pat Deebel, Contributing Writer

How have students at Arapahoe Community College felt since the strong changes brought on by COVID-19? #COVIDDiariesOfACC is a mini-series composed of non-fiction diary entries from students at ACC. Thank you to the student contributing writers for these pieces to publish on the Arapahoe Pinnacle.

By Pat Deebel

Wednesday, April 1, 2020, April’s Fools Day Partly Cloudy, 690

1167 days since Donald Trump took office

71 days since first Covid19 case confirmed in the US

The current prediction has US casualties as few as 100,000 up to 240,000

President Trump and AJ Barr are live on TV bringing us news on Mexican drug cartels. Seemingly a diversion from the covid19 issues. None of the participants in the current live news are observing ‘social distancing’. They stand shoulder to shoulder. Everyone who comes to the podium congratulates Trump on his leadership. Their lips still have the smell of Trump’s ass on their lips when they speak. They are yelling ‘squirrel’ and pointing elsewhere so we forget the current crisis. I am not that stupid.

Monday, I went to the grocery store during ‘senior’ hours. The guard did not ask to see my ID. I roamed the aisles with a bunch of other old people in search of meats, milk, and eggs. These things are coming back into normal supply now. But my mindset is still on procurement versus casually shopping. I am surprised to find myself considered ‘at risk.’ Driving to the store, Wildcat Reserve is empty during rush hour traffic. I see one older woman walking. Her gait is stiff and directionless. She has the look of the Walking Dead.

Monday afternoon, I take a long walk. People I pass going the opposite direction veer to the far side of the path to obtaining the ‘social distancing’ requested by our TV leaders. Most smile or nod, some speak, “Good afternoon!” There is some fear of each other. Will they suddenly dart my way and spit on me? I don’t think this would happen, but there are crazy people out there. They are out of work and bored. What shit have they cooked up with the endless news of infection and deaths?

Seemingly, more people are walking their dogs. The dogs do not care about the virus. They seem happy and want to greet everyone. I like that about dogs. They appreciate the moment while the rest of us assess the motives of a smile or frown in those we pass.

Some predict there will be a baby-boom in 9 months. I think all this togetherness will result in many more divorces. Are we all involved in some huge sociological experiment? How will romantic people find each other if they can’t get out? How will people learn to trust each other again? Will we someday get to take classes in the presence of each other? How will we find our way back to ‘normal’ when covid19 has run its course?

I do like the cheaper gas. I like less air pollution. I don’t mind staying at home too much. But I hate the fear. I hate the closed stores, schools, and restaurants. I hate our President, the Scrotum-in-Chief, rambling on the TV. He’s the virus I wish we could get rid of. He’s the infection of our life, the thing we all need to survive.