Heritage Fine Art Guild’s “This is CO” Exhibition at ACC


Image via Irving Hernandez

Artists conversate with one another as the reception attendance gradually increases.

Irving Hernandez, Reporter

For October, the Heritage Fine Art Guild presents various pieces of art at Arapahoe Community College’s (ACC) art gallery.

The juror of this exhibition, Carlene Frances, states, “It’s important to know what pieces to include to create a cohesive exhibit, even though there is work from all genres, i.e., landscape, figurative and abstraction,” regarding her role as a juror.

On Thursday evening, September 29, artists and audiences gathered to view other works and hear who had won awards and recognition. In 3rd place, juror Frances recognized Don Woodard and his piece “Aspen Gold” as a different and unique piece of work; as it is a wood carving. In 2nd, Carlene Frances points out the symbolism and strength in “Blast from the Past” painted by Patricia Nash; who then linked the painting to Ukraine and the emotions of the country. In 1st, juror Carlene Frances states, “Beautiful landscape. The color says it all, doesn’t it? The use of light is just gorgeous. It captures Colorado so well,” regarding Karen Storm’s “Distant Thunder” oil painting. With many other honorable mentions, the audience rejoices and continues to admire the pieces around the room, as others are eating snacks at the event and chatting about the results.

Audiences sit and wait for more people to arrive at the gallery. (Image via Irving Hernandez)
Artists conversate with one another as the reception attendance gradually increases. (Image via Irving Hernandez)
The audience is attentive to how juror Carlene Frances describes the artwork. (Image via Irving Hernandez)