Spring 2022 Transfer Fair Recap


Photo courtesy of ACC’s Marketing department.

Megan Langley

Students planning to transfer to a four-year university received an extra opportunity to do just that when ACC held its spring 2022 Transfer Fair on March 22nd. 

The Transfer Fair, which is hosted once every semester, is an event for prospective and potential future transfer students to learn more about and connect with various universities. While at the fair, students get the chance to meet with transfer representatives from each participating university, ask any questions they have, and find out what these schools have to offer. 

This semester, a total of 26 schools participated, from well-known in-state universities such as Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado State University (both Fort Collins and Pueblo) and Colorado School of Mines, to out-of-state institutions such as University of New Mexico, Arizona State University and online colleges like Western Governor’s University and Bellevue University. 

Laura Aycock, the interim director of transfer services at ACC says, “Students can come and visit with all the schools that they’re interested in. It’s a time for students to get their questions answered, like, ‘what does your school have to offer? What are some of the popular programs at your school? What are some of the application requirements? Are there any extracurricular activities?’”

Although the Transfer Fair was held as an in-person event in the past, it has transitioned to a virtual format over the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this virtual version of the fair, students were given links to individual Zoom meetings for each participating university and met with the transfer representatives via Zoom rather than meeting them in person at a booth in ACC’S Summit Room. 

“Now, when a student attends, they’re more intentional about their visit. They’re coming more prepared. Even though the numbers are down, the transfer reps say the conversations are a little bit better,” Aycock said, “It’s easy to swing by the Summit Room and go visit, but when you actually have to log on and talk to someone online, you’re committing to it. It’s a win-win.” 

Aycock believes that when a student is starting the process of researching schools to potentially transfer to, it is important for the student to prioritize figuring out their major before deciding which schools to apply to. 

“I think when people are choosing a transfer school, a lot of times, students want to choose the school first, and then the program. You really need to reverse that. You really want to know what you’re majoring in and then pick your school. It’s important for a student to make sure that major is a good fit for them at that school,” Laura advises to transfer students. 

If ACC students are interested in considering transferring or planning to transfer to a four-year university, appointments can be set up by emailing [email protected], calling (303)-797-5805, or using Navigate. To contact the transfer representatives for specific schools that contain possibilities for transferring, see here for the appropriate points of contact.

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