Pinnacle Oracle: Just Want To Give Up


The Pinnacle Oracle , Advice Columnist

Q: I’m working full time and attending class full time. I’m about to lose my mind. Help!

Just Want To Give Up


Dear Reader,


I too am a full time associate and student. It’s hard. I have found myself at times freaking out over getting an assignment in before I head into work because I would still be at work through the deadline. But at the same time, I would have to make sure I grab nutrition and put it into my body while getting into full uniform. It’s hard.

But what I can tell you that works for me, especially as a procrastinator: write everything down. I keep a planner where I check off everything I need to do weekly. It can be at first overwhelming, seeing a list of twenty or so things that need to get done. But since I’m so busy and I forget easily, so it helps organize my workload. It helps me plan time for when I can do what assignment that works with my work schedule.

You are a rockstar for trying to do both at the same time; don’t ever give up. I know it can be tough, but if you organize everything out life will seem less frantic.

It will all be worth it. Don’t forget to take a step back, look up from that computer screen or textbook, and breathe.