9 News

9 News is among the best of the best of Denver television (and overall reporting)  news. You can find them on channel 9 on your tv, or online here.

We love the work of Kevin Vaughan, a Metro graduate whose work includes covering the Aaron Hernandez trial for Fox Sports News, to co-authoring a book about a survival story the likes of which you’ve never heard nor dreamed of in The Ledge;  also of the Rocky Mtn News, and now digging deep into the essence of truth at 9News, for example, “Blame.”

Vaughan guest-lectured ACC journalism students in Spring 2017 on the subject of Investigative Reporting.

We also love Kyle Clark, a great follow on twitter, and be sure to: #HeyNext.

We have reason to believe Mr. Clark will eventually come visit us at some point.