Progenitor 2021 Visits Hampden Press


Image via Lucas Miller

The Progenitor team gathers outside Hampden Press, posing as a group for the first time on April 23, 2021. Left to right: Connor Sandrock, Kalyca McQuire, Samantha Scanlon, Zachary Vultao, Dalton Giesick, Jocelyn Hodovance, Meagan White, Melissa Morse, Mckenzie Marner. Front: Professor Jamey Trotter

Disclaimer: Lucas Miller, Editor-in-chief for the Arapahoe Pinnacle, is also the current Nonfiction Editor for the Progenitor. He participated in the tour at Hampden Press and is also the author of this article. In the interest of addressing concerns about self-promotion, neither the Pinnacle nor Progenitor are for profit. Donations can be made to the Progenitor, but money goes directly to the Writers Studio Scholarship fund, not the team.

On April 23, 2021, staff members for the Progenitor, Arapahoe Community College’s (ACC) premier student-led publication, toured the facilities at Hampden Press in Denver, Colorado. Hampden Press is currently working on printing the 2021 edition of the Progenitor. This will be the 56th volume of the publication, which has won awards throughout its history.

Hampden Press showcased its facilities to the Progenitor team, which is comprised of students taking ENG 231 and MGD 280. The team is made up of two different classes during the creation process so that emphasis can be put on selecting literature to include in the publication, while the design is free to manifest striking and aesthetically appealing designs, ensuring a memorable book from front to back.

Progenitor 56 is scheduled to launch of May 6th, being unveiled to the world via a Zoom event that will feature live readings from the authors, both national and international. Approximately 1,000 copies are printed, and information for requesting a copy will be provided at a later date. Contributors are automatically sent three copies, and are mailed all over the world.

Progenitor accepts an array of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and ten-minute plays for literature. Art in the form of photography, paintings or watercolors, digital, or graphic stories are accepted as well.