Summertime Begins with Remembering One Special Day

Summertime Begins with Remembering One Special Day

Reference: Report, S. (2015, May 8). Arapahoe Community College: A look at the early days. Colorado Community Media. ‌

On June 26, 1965, was one of the most important days in educational history! It was summertime on a Saturday, where anyone could have been having fun with summertime activities and doing other things, but education was important to the group of people who had voted earlier for a Junior College. The voting margin was really close and when you vote, it does make a difference!  June 26 was officially the day to celebrate, for the College Governing Council was elected.

Arapahoe Community College was going to be built! In the beginning of the college building process, a small area for a building was established (“located on campus, where the childcare center is now in Littleton, Colorado near the main building”). At the time, there was around 500 students attending! The college community was becoming popular. A bigger building was needed, so in 1974 construction began for more students could attend.

We sure have grown into a magnificent community! Now, in the year 2024, we have thousands of students accomplishing their dreams! This Throwback Thursday moment is also a great summer opportunity to remember and celebrate how much the college has accomplished since 1965! The best way to celebrate June 26, is to attend college during the summer, for there are many classes to take toward your degree.

There are classes available in the Arts, Communication, and Design where you can experience and learn about Photography, Journalism, Graphic Design or Interior Design. If you’re interested in being an English Major, this department has you covered!

Then we have Business Programs where you can become an Accountant, Construction Manager or even a Cosmetologist! But wait, there’s more! With our Global, Human, and Social Sciences you can learn about Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, and even chose a path to become a History Teacher, for we have all year long classes where you can learn more about History. Interested in Health Care? Our Health Care Program is amazing, with an exciting career path for Nursing or becoming a Nurse Aide. There are opportunities to explore the field of Medical Assistant career, or you can choose a Mortuary Science study plan. Arapahoe Community College also has a Public Health/Safety Service career option.  

Need more reason to celebrate? The list of study continues, and it is so very exciting! Want to become a Math or Science Major, for Arapahoe Community College has the classes you need to get started. Are you into Technology? Yep… you guessed correctly, for the college also has programs available too for this career. Can you believe that June 26, 1965, started this amazing journey, to build Arapahoe Community College for all these wonderful programs could be made possible in the year 2024!



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