Meet your Castle Rock Alliance: Kevin Tilson

Castle Rock Downtown Alliance


Image via Kevin Tilson

Kevin Tilson Headshot

Kevin Tilson is motivated by his desire to unravel problems. “I have always accepted the thrill of solving a problem or taking on new challenges,” Tilson said.

He currently helps organize quality events such as Castle Rock’s Restaurant Week. He additionally helps with the Downtown Development Authority to further design and develop Downtown Castle Rock.

For over a decade, Tilson has worked in various areas of economic development all over Colorado. From engaging at the municipal and county levels to even at the state level, Tilson has accumulated tremendous experience. As an example, Tilson has overseen the city district at the local level. He has helped businesses in communities facing difficulties increase employment while expanding their operations.

“My team and I collaborate by focusing on assisting troubled areas, including many historic main streets throughout our state,” said Tilson.

Tilson incorporates lots of experience accumulated in his resume by working within the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Here, he brought in a number of the most important businesses in Colorado.

Additionally, he helped manage the Venture Capital Authority and Colorado Innovation Investment Tax Credit programs, during which he reinforced and expanded the funding within the state of Colorado.

Tilson’s role within the Office of Economic Development primarily encouraged and supported businesses to provide job training to form a talented workforce in Colorado. He also encouraged companies to develop capital investments to make a robust tax base.

While doing all this, his goal was to usher in new money to the Colorado economy and create employment, so citizens would have good-paying jobs. 

Tilson is married and for over 9 years, has lived in Castle Rock working for the Downtown Alliance. He continues to serve Castle Rock as the Director of the Castle Rock Downtown Development Authority, as well as the Downtown Merchants Association. 

Tilson and his team have been in partnership with the Philip S. Miller Library in Downtown Castle Rock, located on Wilcox Street. Tilson and the Castle Rock Downtown Alliance had made decisions on whether Castle Rock should have a replacement updated library, leaving the old building to function as the home for meetings and storage. 

Ultimately, Tilson said, “We are seeing plenty of individuals who are going between Denver and Colorado Springs and are stopping off in Castle Rock to dine and shop, and hope that we showcase what Castle Rock is so people will want to return.”