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The student publication of Arapahoe Community College in Colorado

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Pinnacle Classic- The Best Spring Break Advice? to Actually Take a Break

During Spring Break (Mon. March 12-Sat. March 17) students and professors take a pause from the typical class schedule. (Photo credit PixaBay via Creative Commons).

This story was originally published on March 9, 2018. Events listed will vary.

Already, spring break is crouching in this Monday, March 12 – Saturday, March 17. With jobs and schoolwork begging for attention, spring break can feel more like a catch-up week rather than a week spent traveling to unseen lands, taking that much-needed five-day Netflix binge, or whatever your cup of relaxation looks like.

Even though most will agree it’s important to actually take time for the self, not many people do.  As a second-year student, I can remember hearing comments such as “we’re in mid-terms and finals are quickly approaching. It is all downhill from here,” as spring break came about last year.

So this year, I am challenging all ACC students and faculty to choose at least one activity that brings you relaxation and/or enjoyment and then to complete that activity sometime during the week off.

I mean come on! We already set aside at least 1-3 hours a week for class, do we not? Its highly probable you can extend that commitment into spring break, finding time within those 65 minutes of class time to experience the best opportunity spring break presents even if you work.

Paralleling exercise motivation given by Mick Kremling, “the only bad workout is the one you don’t do,” keep in mind, the only lousy spring break to be had is one in which you don’t take time for yourself.

For great recreational activities, look no further than the great state of Colorado, in all its various forms of beauty.

For all the mountain enthusiasts, dry winter conditions in the front range mean we have a decent amount of trails accessible for your hiking pleasure this spring break.

If you are up to camp or take a day trip to the mountains, here is a basic suggestion: Drive South on Santa Fe Dr (state highway 85) until you reach Sedalia, CO. Then, make a right onto Colorado State Highway 67 (Co SH67). Shortly, you will be driving within the curved confines of mountain roads. With numerous pull-off parking spots and campgrounds located off the highway, Co SH67 is the perfect getaway direction for those not seeking a specific place.

The South Platte River Corridor – map. (Photo Credit Lauran Hamm).
Signage located along Colorado State Highway 67 gives the mountain adventurer light guidelines to follow. (Photo Credit Lauran Hamm).
















However, if you reach Deckers, Co (an outhouse in the large parking lot and a mini strip-mart will assure you of arrival), then I encourage you to journey a little further.

Making a right onto Jefferson County Road 126 will shortly bring you to Forest Service Road 211. There is only one entrance to the Forest Service Road 211, but eventually, two options will present themselves at a distinguishable fork in the road. Going straight will lead you to Cheesman Reservoir, while indulging in the sharp right turn will lead you to some great hiking and camping locations.

Lost Creek Wilderness area provides a variety of campgrounds and trails for people to utilize. (Photo credit Lauran Hamm)


A contained fire lives inside a pit. The fire is drowned in water/dirt/rocks when left unaccompanied. (Photo Credit Lauran Hamm).
Woodsy the Owl asks you to take responsibility for your actions and possessions. Whatever items you pack into the mountains, pack them out! (Photo credit Lauran Hamm).

For those who would like to stay in the city for spring break, the metro area provides many opportunities to get out as well.

Denver will be bumping during the week, with diverse events planned from Monday, March 12 to Saturday, March 17. Some events will be free, such as yoga at McNichols Center or a St. Patricks Day Parade on Saturday. The link above provides an overview of all the events happening this week, along with an overview of the location, organized by price, low to high.

Even though very few of the events are happening in Parker, Eventbrite was thorough in offering events planned during the break.  For example, a St. Patricks day festival will be held in Littleton, where sumo wrestling will share space with traditional Irish dancing.

Castle Rock will also be keeping relatively quiet for during the week. However, open and free access to the rock park and mini-incline provide users with a hike whenever they can find the daylight hours to do so. But if you’re looking for a more intense incline, head to Colorado Springs.

Nestled into the Littleton community and only five minutes away from ACC, Bemis library will be hosting free events starting Monday afternoon with McTeggart’s Irish Dancers. The dancers will be followed in the week by morning play/story-time activities for young children, introductory blogging with WordPress, and others.

If all else fails, Hudson Gardens – across the street from ACC on Santa Fe Drive – offers free admission into the luscious, green gardens that await beyond the visitor center.

One of these activities is sure to strike your fancy, so I challenge you to take some time for yourself. Relaxation and enjoyment will propel you through the final weeks of the spring semester, and it’s likely you’ll be grateful you invested in your leisure and overall health.

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