Englewood High School Spring Soccer 2021


Teamwork success within the soccer team, Englewood High School, March 11,2021. via Joseph Groenbeck

Spring soccer season began at Englewood High School, but there have been some complications due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The coach, Chris Kavinsky, was teaching freshman soccer with an emphasis on effective team building.

Englewood High School Pirates logo, spring sports 2021, March 11 2021. via Joseph Groenbeck

The timeline of spring sports

Spring season includes games, playoffs and practices. “They start like the beginning of March,” said Caesar, a player on the team. “I think the season ends like mid-April, and playoffs pretty much start the week after all the games are over.” 

Kavinsky explaining teamwork and the schedule of spring sports 2021, Englewood High School, March 11, 2021. via Joseph Groenbeck

How has COVID-19 impacted this season?

During the season this year, COVID-19 has been an issue, but there are restrictions put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. “Less games this season,” said Andrew, another player on the team.

“Yep, less games, and we’re just told to wear masks and social distancing, as well.” Caesar said. 

There’s no audience because this was a practice, but if it were a game, there would be a limited in-person audience, as with many college and professional sports right now. Overall, COVID-19 did impact the season, but has been manageable when everyone follows the guidelines. 

Caesar and Andrew show teamwork within the Englewood High School Pirates soccer team, March 11 2021. via Joseph Groenbeck
There’s no in-person audience for these seats because this is a practice before the game, but there is a limited in-person audience during the game. Englewood High School, March 11, 2021. via


Success within the sports

Success can come when all soccer players attend, work together and build soccer skills. “When people show up, it builds the chemistry within the team,” Andrew said. “And then people are not here, then it’s hard to build the chemistry when games come up.” 

“Great job today. Great job all week,” Kavinsky said. “It’s great to be back outside. It’s great to be out, actually playing, doing the work.” The team works together to build skills outside because soccer is an outdoor sport. Playing inside during COVID-19 doesn’t build a lot of success if you have to be careful not to interrupt classes.

Englewood High School is able to participate in spring sports because there’s effective teamwork, safety guidelines and a flexible schedule.