ACC’s Dr. Lisa Matye Edwards Chosen For Aspen Presidential Fellowship

Image via Lisa Matye Edwards

Kera Morris, Editor-in-Chief

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Arapahoe Community College once again gets to celebrate an honoree.

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Lisa Matye Edwards was recently chosen to join the 2019-20 cohort of the Aspen Presidential Fellowship for Community College Excellence.

We reached out to Dr. Matye Edwards to find out how she is reacting to the honor. “I am indeed very honored to be selected for the Aspen Fellowship.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of the ACC Leadership Team,” she enthused.

Across the country, community colleges are being looked to for bigger and better outcomes for students, while maintaining the longstanding commitment to open access and affordability.

“While the sector is benefiting from strong momentum for reform, community colleges also face dramatic turnover in leadership,” writes the Aspen Presidential Institute. “Over the next decade, more than 80 percent of presidents are projected to retire, creating an opportunity to develop leaders with the tools and vision needed to lead transformational change aligned to student goals and community needs. The Aspen Presidential Fellowship aims to respond by recruiting and developing exceptional leaders—a cadre of diverse, student-success focused reformers who collectively can push the field forward.”

Dr. Matye Edwards is ready for the challenge. “The fellowship is an additional opportunity to learn with and from some of the community college leaders across the nation, expanding my own leadership development, allowing me to share the great work we are doing at ACC to create student success and to learn at a national level how we can create transformational change,” she says.

“I appreciate cohort learning, so the ability to participate in the Fellowship is something I am looking forward to in the upcoming year,” she explains. “I am thankful that ACC and Dr. Doyle supported my professional development and look forward to continuing to giving back to ACC and moving forward our existing student success and equity work.”

We here at The Arapahoe Pinnacle wish Dr. Matye Edwards the best of luck and a wonderful experience.