Getting Ready in Three Steps

Image via Denitslava Makeup

Sofia Hellemar, Reporter

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We all have days where we don’t have time or energy to put much effort into make up yet still want to improve our appearance. Here you will be given instructions on how to make the most impact with the least amount of effort!

Step one:

Conceal! This will help you cover up any blemishes and also make you look more awake. By concealing under your eyes you’re giving the illusion that you’ve had the perfect amount of sleep even though that might not have been the case. Why is the concealer is the thing you wanna grab? Because it is quick and does a lot. It brightens up your face which will also add dimension if you put it in the right place, and it also hides blemishes.

To highlight your face with the concealer you should put it where the light hits. Light will make things look bigger so try to keep the concealer centered to the places you want to highlight, while you can also use it for hiding discolorations.

Step two:

Mascara! This is an important step because it will frame and open up your eyes. It will also make you look more put together even though it takes no more than a minute. For this makeup look you will wanna enhance the eyes to disguise maybe not having time to do a lot of makeup, so mascara is a crucial part.

Step three:

Eyebrows! Eyebrows are the frames to the face. Therefore, you should fill them in! Filling them in is usually really quick unless you’re really picky about them. Think about the proportions of your eyebrows so they fit your face–the way to get the perfect eyebrows is to divide them into three parts: the beginning, the highest point and the end of the eyebrow.

The eyebrow should start in line with the edge of the widest part of your nose. You can measure this by putting a brush next to the edge of your nose and aim straight up. The highest part of the brow should be in line of the end of your iris if you’re looking straight forward. The end of the brow should be diagonally in line from the edge of your line. Measure this by putting your brush at the edge of your nose and aim it diagonally towards your hairline.

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