Where’s The Fire?


Image via Dylan Boxer

students watching the Fire trucks pull up to ACC’s main campus.

Dylan Boxer, Editor

On Nov 1 at approximately 3:48pm a fire alarm sounded throughout Arapahoe Community College Campus. Hordes of students were forced to immediately exit the campus in an orderly fashion.

Image via Dylan Boxer
ACC students evacuating the main building during a fire alarm.

The chilling autumn wind was the only thing greeting the unsuspecting classes that poured out into the parking lot as fire trucks pulled up to the main entrance.

With haste, the Littleton Fire Department rolled up to the scene, and in full fireproof attire stormed the school.

Image via Dylan Boxer
Littleton Fire truck resting by the main entrance of ACC’s Main Campus.

For several minutes students were left cold and wondering what might have caused the blaring fire alarm to go off. Theories formed of science lab accidents to burnt Pop-tarts in the English faculty kitchen, casual ideas being thrown around like beach balls at a Green Day concert.

Image via Dylan Boxer
ACC students speculating about the cause of the fire alarm and waiting to return to the main building

At 4:12pm the fire fighters emerged from the school with an unstressed demeanor. As they were removing their firefighting gear, Troy Jasper of the Littleton Fire Department, when addressed about the incident said,

“It was just a steam valve from one of the boilers.”

He assured the school and the students that everything was safe and that the alarms will be shutting down shortly.