Acclaimed Colorado Band Cobalt Finishes Tour in Denver

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Acclaimed Colorado Band Cobalt Finishes Tour in Denver

Jake Tharan, Entertainment Editor

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Though you’ve probably never heard of them, let alone heard their music, Colorado metal band Cobalt displays fiercely-crafted extreme metal both in the studio and in a live setting.

The group released their latest studio record, Slow Forever, in March of this year and they wrapped up their North American tour with Germany’s Mantar last Saturday at the Hi-Dive in Denver.  This particular show featured Denver metal band 908 opening, making this the premier heavy music show of the weekend (at least if you like angry underground music).

908 opened the show with their grinding hardcore punk, channeling legends like Napalm Death in their performance.  Up next was German duo Mantar, who served as direct support for Cobalt during the entire month-long pilgrimage. The group is particularly vicious live, especially considering there is only a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist on stage.



Lead vocalist Hanno Klanhardt employed thick distortion and smothering feedback on his ESP guitar while Drummer Erinc Sakarya furiously beat on his kit.  Klanhardt spewed the lyrics to “Era Borealis” with a hoarse scream, contorting his body as if he was host to a demon.  The duo’s songs “Praise the Plague” and “Cross the Cross” went well with the intimate atmosphere of the Hi-Dive.

Cobalt was prepared to begin their set as the clock signaled the start of Sunday morning.  The band is comprised of only two members in the studio but adds another two members to perform live.  The group began their live ritual with the song “Arsonry” from their 2009 record Gin, which saw the band creating a vicious ambience that filled the venue.  Frequent shifts in tempo as well as tone define their music and it creates a truly layered soundscape to enjoy.

Cobalt’s set brought live emanations that alternated from progressive journeys to racing, sinister tempos upended with strikingly tall riffs.  The song “Blood Eagle Sacrifice” in particular translated well into the live set, blending the experimental nature of their music into one long-winded song.  The song “Gin” was especially massive with the group inviting their former lead vocalist up on stage to impose his infernal howl on the music.



Cobalt’s catalog, though not massive, has received heavy critical acclaim over their career, with their record Gin receiving high praise from magazines like Decibel and Terrorizer.  That record landed on many year-end best-of lists in 2009 and was lauded as a triumphant underground recording.  Cobalt have even been featured on Fox News, where their former vocalist paid a visit to the show Red Eye to discuss their music.  The group rarely performs live, so this show – and tour – was a special experience for the underground metal community in Denver.