Henry Butler wows small audience in The Waring Theater last Thursday

Timothy Page, Movie Critic

Henry Butler brought his talent to ACC last Thursday and showed us that even if you can’t see it doesn’t mean that you can’t play. 

The evening started out with a quick Q&A. Nothing monumental was said, but I noticed that Mr. Butler seemed nervous and unsure talking with us. He told a few stories of his adventure recording music and trying to get out from under a tough recording company. Confirming that this man has been around for years and knows his way around the music industry. 

ACC partnered with the Colorado Center of the Blind so the Waring Theater had a mix of visually impaired, students, and non-students all packed in. 

After a quick break Mr. Butler came back on stage and the concert began. 

It was impressive. 

Henry Butler knows his way around the keys and continued to impress. He may have seemed a bit unsure and timid talking on stage, but as soon as he started playing all that seemed to melt away. 

Taking us from the fast paced streets of New Orleans to a cold, rainy night in a New York dive bar. Most of the songs were Mr. Butler’s own, but he also improvised, gave us his take on others, and even performed a song of his that’s only released in Japan (Booker Time). 


The whole crowd was into it, but they were quiet and respectful, but cheered if Butler played anything particularly well and he did that. Often. 

Mainly focusing on instrumental for the first half of the concert, then he slowly transitioned to vocals. Still making his piano playing the star his deep soulful voice just added to the already immense talent up on stage. 

Sadly, the concert had to come to an end and the evening, inevitably, had to end. For such a fantastic performance, I left calm. The music he played was masterfully performed and soothing. Even if he picked up the pace here and there it still managed to be some of the best piano playing I’ve witnessed. Leaving I realized that the last thing on my mind was Mr. Butler’s blindness. The music ruled the evening and I couldn’t have asked for more.