Album review: Von Zimmer’s Freddie’s Extra Teeth

Timothy Page, Reporter

Von Zimmer is a singer from South Dakota who has been nice enough to send Araphoe Pinnacle his album for review.
The initial impression I get from his sound is Nirvana. His sound seems influenced by the gruff vocals and the guitar work reminds me of Nirvana’s sound. Also, mixed with some pretty cool interludes between songs.
The main issue I have with this album is the songs. They don’t seem to have a lot of variety to them and that’s a shame because the lyrics seem to have some interesting things to say. Whether it’s about being sick of the daily grind or not standing what the government might be telling us. You can definitely see Von Zimmer’s viewpoints on life throughout the entire album.
As the album plays on, it’s 10 songs all start to sound the same, the chord progression and vocal delivery blend together, and the album starts to become a slog. There are some interesting moments where you can hear more there than what is presented. Like a guitar interlude in Track 5-The Road to Nod, but it never seems to pan out. Just when the intro or outro bring something new to the table the song kicks in and kills whatever it had going for it.
There is plenty of room for improvement here, and he has a goo amount of potential. I know this isn’t an album produced for a million dollars, but he does pretty well with what he’s got at his disposal. But the lack of variety and similar sounding songs end up hurting the overall material.

To see more on Von Zimmer by visiting their website here.