Throwback Thursday: A Closer Look at Stress A student’s Opinion

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as a guest editorial in the Rapp Street Journal in the March 13, 1979 issue. The Rapp Street Journal was Arapahoe Community College’s student paper at the time. 

A common problem among college students today is stress. The effects of stress can be felt even though you don’t feel tense. Feelings of anger, fear, frustration and apathy are signs or warnings of possible stress.

Stress can show itself in many forms. The physical effects are easily seen –ulcers (gastrointestinal), headaches and fatigue. Social effects are seen as, fist fights, divorce or separation, withdrawal from friends, drinking and drug abuse, and finally exhaustion (break-down) and possible suicide.

We can do more than just think about stress!!

  1. Learn to recognize the symptoms and the effects.
  2. Take ACTION!
    • Share the feelings with a friend
    • Get active, something enjoyable to you
    • Physical exercise to release pressure
    • Eliminate self-pity
    • Think positive; be grateful
    • Set goals; Personal and School
    • Avoid “if only” and “what if”
  3. Above all be good to yourself, T.L.C. (tender loving care)
  4. Seek professional help: This is not a sign of weakness — Vanity is an obstacle to recovery.
  5. This is not a cure for stress, just a few helpful hints or should I say healthy hints.