Throwback Thursday: Alternatives Being Explored at FAC’s


Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published March 3, 1977 in the Rapp Street Journal, ACC’s student newspaper at the time. 

Friday afternoon club (FAC) is not only a regular occurance at Arapahoe Community College, but a time honored institution dating back to the birth of college fraternaties, organized labor, and the five day work week. It is also a good way to start the weekend on an upnote. There are two basic concepts to FAC, first there must be enough beer to float a Roman orgy, readily available at a cheap price. Secondly, this debauchery must be accompanied by a maxi-decibel rock band.

If this was your expectation as you entered the Labyrinth Friday, Feb 18, you were only half right. The suds were flowing all right; but the amplifiers, guitars, and other musicians paraphenalia were not evident.

Apparently someone felt the time was right to dispense with the obligatory band. The featured entertainment was the National Lampoon show which was billed as a “satirical-joke-rock-mock concert.”  In addition, the ACC “not-ready-for-showbiz-players” performed a skit that could be termed a case of indecent exposure rather than entertainment.

The entire event was overshadowed by the everpresent apathy. The Lampoon concert was unanimously ignored by nearly everyone; though the live presentation elicited some loud guffaws, it was clear that midterm blahs and or spring fever syndrome had taken over.

Alternative forms of entertainment at FAC are a welcome development, however; and Student Activities is working on some other ideas to diversify it even more. One of these ideas now in the planning stage is to find some talent right here at ACC. There must be some musicians ou there who could stand a little audience exposure. If you have any talents that could benefit the Friday afternoon club revelry let Student Activities know about it.