ACC Hosts Its Ceramic and Jewelry Sale


Image via Jacob Davies

ACC Pottery Sale April 22, 2022

From April 21-23 Arapahoe Community College’s (ACC) Summit Room was adorned with current and former students’ pottery and jewelry for sale. Amber Robben and Beverly Baldwin, who jokingly described themselves as the king and queen of the sale, have been assisting with the sale for over two decades. Thu said it was originally made just to give students experience selling their artwork but has grown to what it is today.

The sale boasts 19 ceramic artists and five jewelry artists. Students range from young artists looking to dabble in clay to students like Cheryl Minardi who retired but became a student in 2018 so she could make jewelry or Pattie Harrison who has been an ACC student for 11 years to explore her interest in metalsmithing and jewelry making. 

The pottery at the sale goes far beyond the typical pot that comes to mind. ACC’s student Tierran Cook breaks down those barriers by creating fantasy-like creatures seen below. Cook has been working with pottery for over five years and has over 130 unique pieces. 

Although Cook isn’t the only interesting sculptor at the fair. Five-year student Susan Chapan is incredibly passionate about her art. She fervently described ACCs 18 different firing techniques. She could describe almost every student’s pottery and the techniques they had used. She tells students who are looking to try pottery that they can make pieces that look very professional even though they are just a beginner.

Chapan left the Pinnacle with some parting words regarding why students should try pottery at ACC, “You’re always learning new techniques and tricks. It may look like it takes a lot of talent but you can complex pieces even though you’re a beginner, and it’s a great learning experience.”