Writers Studio Festival Coming to ACC


Image via ACC

Image courtesy of ACC Writers Studio

Lillian Fuglei , Reporter

For any writers, or those interested in writing, Arapahoe Community College (ACC) has the perfect event this week. 

The annual Writers Studio Literary Festival will be held virtually, March 10-12. The event is open to anyone, so students, faculty, and community members are all welcome to attend. Tickets to the festival are: $20 for students, $50 for the general public, $40 for senior discount and $25 for teachers. 

This year, the festival will feature two panels on Thursday, March 10, and Friday, March 11, in the evening, and a day filled with workshops on Saturday, March 12. These sessions will cover a variety of topics like publishing, pacing, writing for a teen audience and even horror writing. 

The Writers Studio Literary Festival has been put on by Writers Studio, a program co-run by ACC faculty Jamie Trotter and Andrea Mason for over a decade. This year’s festival will feature: David-Matthew Barnes, Annie Dawid, Gabino Iglesias, Sherry Shahan, Len Vlahos, and Kathryn Winograd. 

The festival aims to help writers connect with each other and learn more about writing. Trotter added that people should attend to “keep broadening their knowledge, connect with other writers. [Just to] get to meet people and be a part of the community.”

Trotter also said that people should attend because “any literate person can sit down and write. Usually we don’t want to be doing that in a vacuum. We want to share our work. Attending the literary festival can only further that knowledge. We’ve got panels and sessions that will appeal to a wide age range, appeal to a wide range of goals as a writer, and give writers new ideas.”