We Need Our Friends- #COVIDDiariesOfACC


Image via mohamed_hassan @Pixabay

Julianna Porter, Contributing Writer

How have students at Arapahoe Community College felt since the strong changes brought on by COVID-19? #COVIDDiariesOfACC is a mini-series composed of non-fiction diary entries from students at ACC. Thank you to the contributing writers for these pieces to publish on the Arapahoe Pinnacle. We welcome all submissions from the ACC and Littleton Community, email us at [email protected]


It’s sometime during the summer. I don’t know what the weather is like outside for I haven’t bothered to look out my window. I’m lying on my bed and reading an interesting story I’ve found online. 

“Girls! Dinner!” My dad calls from downstairs. I haven’t eaten all day. My sleep schedule has been off. I go to sleep at 3 am and wake up at 3 pm. It’s a long never-ending cycle of me staying up doing whatever and then waking up late into the afternoon. I don’t want to spoil my dinner, so I just don’t eat. 

“Coming!” I yell because I know he will just call again if I say nothing. I roll off my bed and give a groan as I try to shake the numbness from my leg. I open my door and see my sister walking down the hall and then down the stairs. I follow behind her sluggishly feeling tired. I look at my phone and see that my friend has texted me back. It’s really the only thing that brightens my dull days anymore. Just talking to my friends. Whether calling them or texting them. I continue the long trek down the stairs wondering when this will all be over.

So yeah, my spring break/summer/quarantine was boring. Not much happened and I didn’t do much. I found out I am okay at baking. Cooking is not really my strength. Hopefully, I’ll learn and become a good cook like my mom one day. A girl can dream.