Review: Hi-Dive, music and beer make a great evening on S. Broadway

At the Hi-Dive on South Broadway.

Image via Jake Tharan

At the Hi-Dive on South Broadway.

Jake Tharan, Arapahoe Pinnacle Music Critic

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You will have no choice but to enjoy the high volume at the Hi-Dive in Denver.

Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s actually extremely positive as evidenced by the quality sound setting offered by the club. The sound is neither too loud nor too quiet. It is neither too distorted nor too clean. The sound is just right and greatly complements the atmosphere of the club.

It is a cool Saturday night on South Broadway in Denver and a weekend in progress is evidenced by the boisterous voices of people on the street.

Upon entering the sold-out show at the Hi-Dive, I must wade through faithful fans to purchase merchandise from the performers of the evening.

As soon as you set foot inside the door of the venue, you are immediately at the bar top to your right. Instant access to beer is a definite plus for any bar, especially one complete with a stage.

The interior of the building is sectioned off with an open floor in front of the stage to your left. Once a tall glass of beer has been acquired, the open floor is directly across from the bar, (not much walking is to be done at the venue.)

Also across from the bar, a large American flag is displayed on the wall above the entrance to the stage floor. Two flags situated on either side of the American flag displayed Colorado colors, rainbow colors and the familiar bold words Don’t Tread on Me.

The group headlining the show is Yob, a metal band based in Oregon.

When Yob gets to the stage, the audience is pummeled with a wave of sonic annihilation from the heavy guitar tone and thundering bass.

What’s more impressive is that the group is a three-piece: just hearing the music without a visual aid would have you believe there are five men on the stage.

Once again the superior sound setting of the Hi-Dive shines when the thumping music of Yob blares through the speakers.

There is no bad seat in this building. Any position taken in the venue offers a clear sight of the performance. The crowd seems to greatly approve of both the music and venue, judging by the abounding cheers and beers on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Two of the most celebrated and special subjects in Denver – music and beer – join at the Hi-Dive, making for a terrific spectacle not to be forgotten.